Why We Do What We Do

Pantheon ADC was created in response to one simple thought – “We can do better.”

As humans, we all understand the basic principal of shelter that Architecture provides, yet few of us fully grasp its importance. Architecture fundamentally affects nearly every aspect of our daily lives. Where and how we eat, sleep, live, travel, work, play, shop, learn or worship are all shaped by the architecture in which we surround ourselves….. And great Architecture doesn’t just happen. It isn’t created from a clean sheet of paper, or formed from the vision of a sole entity. It is the end result of design process based on a full understanding of the needs and desires of all those who will use or be affected by it.

At Pantheon ADC, we pursue this design process zealously. We work closely with our Clients, asking the pertinent questions and truly listening to the answers without allowing preconceived notions to dictate. We pride ourselves in the ability to listen to a Client’s stated requirements, and understanding their intent. By following this discourse, we can develop a clearly defined program that answers all the Client’s needs and desires.

By closely working with our Clients to develop a sound program, applying our thorough knowledge of the legal, jurisdictional and environmental prerequisites, and understanding budgetary constraints, structural materials and construction methods, we have a proven track record of providing quality, innovative and functional designs.