North Metro Church

Project Description

North Metro Church was a young, fast-growing congregation that needed to move quickly to build a permanent facility on a heavily-wooded, 20-acre site adjacent to a major thoroughfare. With a current congregation of over 800 and an anticipated exponential growth rate over the next 10 years, the church anticipated a need to facilitate a future congregation of 7000 members.
With property limited to the initial 20 acres, all future growth had to be accommodated within it’s limited confines. An efficient, dynamic master plan, to be implemented in five phases, was developed to meet the congregation’s immediate needs as well as incremental future growth. With a keen understanding of the church’s stated mission of outreach to non-believers, an aesthetic was developed that blends well with the surrounding neighborhoods, yet offers a dramatic, non-religious facade to the busy thoroughfare, which it faces.

Phase 1

The first of five master planned phases for this non-denomination congregation contains 24,000 SF of multipurpose assembly spaces of varying sizes to accommodate immediate adult and youth needs along with dedicated classroom space for toddler’s through children. A dramatic, large assembly area was created with a temporary stage for worship. During construction, enthusiasm for the new church was palpable in the surrounding suburbs and once completed, membership had already doubled. The first year regularly saw over 1,800 attendance in 2, then 3, Sunday services. Future additions will provide additional childrens and adult educational space, youth activities center and auditorium to seat 3500.

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Phase 2

The second of five master planned phases for this non-denomination congregation. Design was initiated almost immediately upon completion of Phase 1 and consists of nearly 40,000 SF of educational spaces, expansion of the Worship assembly through the creation of the permanent stage and back-of-house areas. Children’s facilities were expanded and space was created to support a full youth program.
Three additional phases of construction are planned. Phase 3 will finally bring the centerpiece of the design to life – a 3500 seat auditorium with full performance facilities and the remaining parking. Phase 4 will provide educational spaces for adults, who are currently meeting in off-site, small groups and will return the Phase 1 assembly, currently used for Worship, back to a gymnasium, where it will become the center of Youth Activities.

(Work performed while Project Manager with CGLS Architects, Inc. Atlanta, Georgia)


Size: 23,000 SF
Cost: $2.6M
Completed: 2002
Scope: Design & Construction


North Metro Church


Master Planning